Customer Markets & Applications – Deburring, Finishing, Oxide Skin Removal, and Edge Rounding



Value Added To Our Customers:

The 32 Series Rotary Brush dry metal processing machine forms the new standard in deburring, edge rounding, and finishing technology for a broad range of materials

  • 4 brushes have 50 sq. ft. of abrasive agent for edge rounding, and finishing
  • Low tooling costs and low energy consumption
  • The preliminary removal of large burrs and finishing of surfaces in one pass.
  • Maximum user friendliness and optimal view of the machining process.  


Machine Features/Specs:

  • Configuration of this show machine is Drum - Rotary Brush - Drum
  • Available in a 43" width
  • Vacuum bed allows for small parts
  • Quick brush change system 
  • Optional brushes for laser oxide removal


To find out more about the new features of the 2020 32 Series Rotary Brush, contact us HERE.