Informational Academy

In our second video on preventative maintenance and frequently asked questions, we're going through how to change an abrasive belt. In this video we use a Timesavers Slag Grinder machine, but the belt change translates to most of our machines in the field, metal or wood. Our customers will likely need different abrasive belts throughout their different processes, so the ability to change a belt quickly is is a huge benefit to owning one of our machines.

In Part 3 of our Preventative Maintenance and Frequently Asked Questions Mini-Series we'll be going over tracking components as well as minor troubleshooting the tracking system. The Timesavers machine used in this video is our Hammerhead machine, but the components and troubleshooting tips translate to most of our machines out in the field.

In Part #4 of our Preventative Maintenance Series and Frequently Asked Questions mini-series, we'll be going through how to change the C battery on your bed positioning system, and also talk about parameter reprograming.