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Achieving a Perfect Finish on Your Metal Parts

Finishing metal parts can be a tedious and hazardous affair, particularly if you’re performing this important step by hand. And while industrial sanders are incredibly efficient at this task, many metal materials—like those with delicate surface coatings—simply can’t endure the force these powerful machines exert. Put simply, if you’re looking to achieve a flawless finish for your shop’s metal parts, you’ll need to create a sanding system that perfectly suits the specific materials and finishes you’re working with. And with so many machines and tactics to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right solution for your production needs.

For over seventy years, Timesavers has been designing and manufacturing high-quality finishing machines for sanding wood, metal, plastics, and more. We understand full well how challenging it is to find a metal deburring or finishing system that aligns with your needs and your budget. We’re also passionate about providing your team with all of the resources needed to optimize the efficiency and profitability of its metalworking operations. Today, we’ll be talking through some of the best ways to acquire a perfect finish on your metal parts.

Investing in Automated Metal Finishing

For a vast majority of metalworking shops, inefficiency is the main factor inhibiting them from creating an optimal finish. They have the tools and expertise to produce the finish they want, but they simply can’t do it quickly or consistently enough to merit the effort. This is especially true for smaller metalworking shops that rely on manual labor. No matter how talented a team of metalworkers is, it’s impossible to achieve a perfectly consistent finish without the help of automation.

Not only is automated metal finishing much faster and more consistent than manual finishing, but it’s also safer for your team. Manual finishing can subject workers to repetitive strain injuries and cuts caused by sharp burrs. Industrial finishing machines remove these threats with less manual interaction and robust protective features for operators, fostering greater success and safety for your staff. Put simply, automation is an absolute necessity if you’re looking to up the quality and reliability of your finishing operations.

Prioritizing Versatile Finishing Machines

Even if you’re already working with automated finishing machines, efficient production can seem like a distant dream when you’re completing multiple finishing steps for each part. (Metal components that require grinding and then deburring come to mind.) It’s hard to justify feeding a part through multiple machines to produce a high-quality finish when that process would double the production time for each finished product. More machines also means higher maintenance costs and less floor space, resulting in highly inefficient operations. That’s where versatile finishing machines come in.

By investing in metal finishing solutions that accomplish multiple finishing steps at once, you can drastically increase the productivity of your shop. For example, the Manual Grinder from Timesavers features a rotatable head, allowing operators to swap between heavy grinding and deburring with ease. You can imagine how useful a machine like this one would be for metalworking projects that require grinding and edge rounding. In a word, versatility is your friend when it comes to metal finishing machines. Heeding our advice here will make your team significantly more productive, boosting your bottom line in the process.

Building Your Own Metalworking Solution

While settling for a pre-made finishing tool might save you some time and money upfront, it will often force you into using a machine that isn’t tailored to your exact needs, especially if you work with delicate or specialized materials or finishing styles. You can avoid this danger by partnering with a quality manufacturer like us to build your own custom finishing machine. Timesavers metal sanding machines can be equipped with a host of customizations to better meet your production requirements or constraints. Choose which and how many heads your metal sanding solution will have, and find the exact abrasive belts, brushes or rotary discs required to make your products shine their brightest. Believe us, you’ll be amazed at the results your sanding machine will deliver when it’s built around your precise needs and specifications.

Contact Timesavers Today

Be sure to call or message Timesavers for additional advice on finishing metal parts or sanding metal in general. As a manufacturer committed to your success, we would be more than happy to connect you with one of our metalworking experts to help you improve your production process. Also, be sure to reach out to Timesavers if you’d like to learn more about our wide range of metal finishing solutions. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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