Part 4 of the 32 & 42 Series Rotary Brush applications mini series will focus on the deburring and edge rounding of foiled parts.


32 & 42 brushes will deburr and edge round foiled products without harming the surface.

The first 32 Series Rotary Brush Machine has arrived in the United States. This state of the art Widebelt – Rotary Brush – Widebelt is the perfect machine for edge rounding, deburring, & finishing your parts. The machine comes with all the bells & whistles, and ready to go to it’s home in the western US.

Already extensively trained on the product, our service team is knowledgeable and able to provide the same level of service and commitment that Timesavers is known for.

We look forward to continue to offer this best in class machine for our customers, giving them the ultimate finishing solution.