Finding the Perfect Wide Belt Sander for Your Application

Finding the Perfect Wide Belt Sander for Your Application

Whether you specialize in producing doors, cabinets, metal parts or any other type of product, determining which sander is right for the job can be exceptionally challenging. After all, there are thousands of sanding machines at your disposal, and many of these models can be outfitted with a variety of different head types and abrasives to achieve specific results. Moreover, each type of substrate has unique properties that can have unexpected results when automating the sanding process, meaning that a sander that works beautifully for one product might damage or destroy another.

Here at Timesavers, we take pride in providing you with all of the resources you need to find the best machine for your application. That’s why we design and manufacture a massive selection of high-quality wet and dry woodworking and metalworking equipment, including finishing machinery, deburring machines, calibrating grinders, wide belt sanders, brush sanders and more. We’re also passionate about saving you time and money by giving you advice and direction on choosing the best machinery for your specific needs. Today, we’ll be teaching more about different sanders and how to find the perfect machine for the products you produce.

Wide Belt Sanders for the Woodworking Industry

Wide belt sanders are some of the most popular woodworking machines on the market. They’re designed to remove material from the top of wooden pieces until they reach a specified finish and thickness. These machines can be used with solid wood materials and composite boards (like plywood). Here are a few models of wide belt sanders that we offer and which types of products they work well with.

1. The SpeedSander

Timesavers Speedsander  

2. The 2300 Series Wide Belt

Our 2300 Series machines are durable workhorses that feature 75” or 103” abrasive belts for longer abrasive belt lives. They can be used for wide belt sanding and calibrating or finish sanding. Most importantly, the 2300 Series can be outfitted with up to four heads (either drum or combination heads), making them ideal for a number of woodworking projects. This line is perfect for use in mid-sized cabinet, millwork and furniture plants.

3. The 3300 Series Wide Belt

If you need a wide belt sanding machine that offers maximum performance during heavy use, then look no further than the 3300 Series. These machines are built to match the exact needs of each customer, and their components are large and durable enough for a long life of 24/7 production. 3300 machines can be equipped with contact drum, combination, brush, or orbital sanding heads, and each features a motorized feed speed and motorized lift for optimized efficiency and easy use. Most importantly, all 3300s utilize an in-feed safety stop bar and door interlocks to protect operators from harm. As a result of their extensive customization options, these machines can be used for almost any woodworking project, including panel sanding, heavy stock removal and wide belt sanding and calibrating.