Friday 31, 2020 Metal

Timesavers Metal Closes Out A Great July

The Lynx Wet Sanding Machine is designed and manufactured for versatility, this robust workhorse for Timsavers has proven itself over and over for many years.  July was a great month for Timesavers as we shipped several Lynx Units - a DD (drum, drum) “dual head” to a customer that hones and pillows high-end marble tile, thus demonstrating and proving its flexibility and how versatile the Lynx is.

Another application was for Stainless Steel medical implants, which needed a 32 RA finish (#4), this application used a Lynx DDD with an abrasive belt sequence, which provided one of the most cosmetic, consistent finishes in the industry.


Also, Timesavers Puma the Lynx “BIG Brother” has been popular for especially wider applications.  One of our customers needed a solution for elevator doors.  The clear choice was Puma with its brute strength it accommodates stainless steel straight from a mill finish and produces a 32 RA (#4 brush finish) with one pass. Eliminating hours of costly hand sanding and polishing.

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