Technical Writer/Document Specialist

Position Summary:

This position is responsible to develop, write, prepare, and revise operating manuals, maintenance instructions and other technical literature, all in a quality, consistent, accurate and professional manner and in accordance with company engineering standards for equipment that is sold by Timesavers. This documentation will be used in the operation, training, maintenance, and repair of products.

Minimum Education:

Two- year degree in English, Technical Writing, or related field required.

Minimum Experience:

Two years of related experience

Preferred Experience:

Four to Eight years of related experience

Special Qualifications:

Experience with Microsoft products, Adobe FrameMaker, PDF Professional, and Photoshop, and Solidworks CAD required.  SolidWorks Composer experience is a plus.

Position Accountabilities:

  • Coordinate, prepare, and produce all manuals and instructional materials of all new products.  This includes collecting all pertinent information for the manuals, compose all the text, and including information such as diagrams for unpacking, cleaning, assembly, installation, power connections, controls operation, maintenance, etc., and the photography as required.
  • Create and print manuals for all new machines, and customer orders as required.
  • Revise all outdated manuals and instructional materials as changes occur.
  • Create diagrams and images for manuals using pictures and/or Solidworks model and drawing files as required.
  • Review all reference manuals prior to finalization to ensure all correct Adobe FrameMaker insets (pre-documented information) is captured.
  • Convert all owner’s manuals from FrameMaker to PDF.
  • Store all reference manual documentation in appropriate network locations.
  • Gather third-party documentation as needed for manuals (manuals for special equipment like blowers, programable controllers,  etc.).
  • Complete edits in master files of machine manuals.
  • Leadership position in the creation of operation manuals for new machines.
  • Assist in the development of machine maintenance procedures, product alerts, service bulletins, preventative maintenance schedules, and engineering release announcements.
  • Communicate all technical problems and procedures by written text or in-person to technical and/or laypersons.
  • Perform other tasks or duties as assigned.
  • Max. file size: 20 MB.
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