The 42 Series RB is the ultimate machine for deburring, finishing, edge rounding, laser oxide removal, and heavy slag removal. This machine offers the solution for manufacturers who supply premium quality products. This quality is achieved through a multi-rotating brush machine with eight abrasive flap brushes that deburr uniformly and round the edges of the metal perfectly.

The 42 Series is suitable for the processing of punched, laser cut, or plasma cut parts, and even 3D and milled parts with deep pockets. This machine can be integrated in an Industry 4.0 / Smart Industry software platform.


  • Uniform and controllable side radius for the aerospace, catering, medical industries and more
  • Deburring of Zintec, galvanized and plated material, Aluzinc, alclad, and ink-marked parts
  • The removal of burrs on laser, plasma, water jet cut parts


  • Number of heads: 1-4
  • Head types: drum, rotary brush, hammerhead
  • Available configurations
    • Rotary Brush
    • Widebelt - Rotary Brush
    • Rotary Brush - Widebelt
    • Widebelt - Rotary Brush - Widebelt
    • Widebelt - Widebelt - Rotary Brush
    • Widebelt - Widebelt - Rotary Brush - Widebelt
    • Hammerhead - Widebelt - Rotary Brush
  • Centralized control panel
  • 0-4" bed opening
  • Up to 25 fpm throughput
  • 14" brush diameter
  • 7", 11", and 18" contact roller diameter


  • Deburring
  • Finishing
  • Edge Rounding
  • Oxide Skin Removal
  • Heavy Slag Removal

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Finishing | Straight Grain Finish
Edge Rounding
Heavy Slag Removal
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