Explore below to discover a handful of our exceptional woodwork, metalwork and miscellaneous solutions. Timesavers offers an extensive selection of wide belt sanders, segmented polishers, orbital sanders, slag grinders, dust collectors and much more.

2300 Series | Orbital
This compact machine utilizes a unique dual motion orbital head design to deliver outstanding results with a continuous feed operation. Ideal for automating hand orbital (jitterbug) sanding...
3300 Series | Single Pad Orbital
A hardy model that features up to four drum, combination or orbital heads to speed up production processes and improve your bottom line. Ideal for orbital sanding in medium to large-sized cabinet,...
3300 Series | Twin Pad Orbital
This durable model can be outfitted with up to four combination, orbital or brush heads and is the fastest feed-through orbital we offer. Its hardiness, respectable horsepower and user-friendly...
5300 Series | Twin Pad Orbital
This massive model uses some of the heaviest and most durable components in the industry to ensure that it performs and thrives during heavy use and 24/7 production. Ideal for orbital sanding in mid...