Dust Collection

All dry metalworking projects require some form of dust collection to keep the metal contaminants out of the air. This dust is released during the deburring, finishing or grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can cause dangerous thermal events, including fires and explosions when not properly addressed. Timesavers manufactures a line of dust collectors that use water to filter these hazardous particulates out of the air much more effectively than dry filtration. These machines make use of specially designed motors, impellers and baffles to gather up metal grindings and deposit them into a large water tank. Our dust collection machines are incredibly resilient and easy to clean, making them ideal for a wide variety of metal operations.

Series Recommendations

WDC (Wet Dust Collector): A full-sized, stainless steel dust collector that comes in a variety of sizes, and features a special silencer to mitigate noise pollution (noise level = 79-84 dB). Its high capacity and resilient steel design make this model ideal for large-scale metalworking projects and 24/7 operations.

PWDC (Portable Wet Dust Collector): A versatile and portable dust collector with a 55-gallon storage drum and stainless steel internal water separator. Its manageable size and portability make it ideal for small to mid-sized metalworking projects and mobile operations.



Dubois Equipment Company Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality finishing equipment in the U.S. for over 50 years, driving the industry forward by developing efficient and innovative finishing solutions for a variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass, plastic and more. Their experienced engineers work directly with clients to ensure that every single customer finds the best and most effective piece of equipment for their unique applications. Dubois can design, build and install everything from a single piece of equipment to a complete finish line (at whatever automation level you require) for an unbeatable price. Their current featured systems include cabinet finishing, door finishing, ceiling tiles and glass coatings.

Wood Finishing Systems

Dubois has an unrivaled level of experience with developing wood finishing systems. That’s why they’ve been the primary producer of complete flat line wood finishing systems for prefinished hardwood flooring for the last 30 years. Their comprehensive line of wood finishing solutions includes hardwood floor finishing, wood cabinet finishing, wood door finishing, flat panel finishing and wood trim finishing. No matter how challenging or extensive your woodworking project is, Dubois will work with you to design an efficient wood finishing system that fits your needs and budget.

Each Dubois wood finishing system is developed to streamline equipment and processes into one efficient system that maximizes productivity and eliminates downtime during production. Their flat line wood finishing systems can be customized with scuff sanders, stain application roll coaters, reverse fill roll coaters, differential roll coaters, stain wipe units, gas-fired ovens, IR ovens, UV ovens, cooling tunnels, conveyors and more, allowing you to develop a convenient wood finishing system that addresses all of your equipment and process needs at once.

Metal Finishing Systems

Dubois Equipment’s expertise extends into metal finishing systems as well. Regardless of your manufacturing requirements or demands, they can design and implement a fully customizable metal finishing solution that matches your specifications. Their dedicated team of manufacturing professionals and engineers will work tirelessly to understand and address the unique needs and limitations of your specific metalworking projects. Above all else, Dubois is committed to delivering metal finishing systems that effectively achieve and exceed your production goals.

Dubois develops practical systems for applying paint and clear coats to flat steel coils, sheets and components. Timesavers can merge our industry-leading services with theirs to polish, coat and cure coatings on any type of flat steel product, cutting down on waste, adhering to regulatory standards and optimizing productivity in the process. We’ll ensure that you develop a solid understanding of the benefits that each of our proposed processes will provide, and the customized coil coating systems we create will help you to achieve the best results on all of your finished products and materials.

Specialty Finishing Systems

Last but not least, Dubois Equipment is a fantastic source for specialty finishing systems. Their team of engineers and manufacturing experts has a host of experience with assembling and utilizing specialty finishing systems for a wide range of materials, making them an invaluable resource for producers that focus on creating finished glass or plastic products. Dubois offers the specialty finishing systems for mirror coating, plastic coating, ceiling tiles, and glass coating.

Whatever your specialty finishing needs are, Dubois Equipment will design and build a complete system to meet them. Their expert staff will work directly with you to develop a finishing system that can be seamlessly integrated into your current process. Consequently, you won’t need to worry about spending more of your time or hard-earned money on upgrading your current machines or additional equipment. Most importantly, their machines are just as hardy and durable as our own, meaning that they’ll endure and effectively perform in even the harshest work environments.

If you have any questions about Dubois Equipment or their vast selection of finishing machinery, then be sure to call or contact them. They can discuss the specifics of your project and help you find the best finishing machine for your application.