Orbital sanders are powerful machines that are often used to remove the cross-grain scratches left behind by widebelt sanders, ensuring that they won’t show through when the piece is stained. They can be outfitted with a variety of heads (including combination, single pad orbital, twin pad orbital, and brush heads) to effectively sand different types of wooden materials.

Series Recommendations

Regardless of how demanding your woodworking projects are, Timesavers offers time-tested orbital sanding machines that are built to last and surpass your expectations, including:

The 2300 Series Orbital: This compact machine features a dual motion orbital head design with a unique “quick change” abrasive feature. Ideal for use in millwork, cabinet and furniture plants.

The 3300 Series Orbital: A strong and versatile sanding machine that can be configured with up to four heads. Ideal for use in millwork, cabinet and furniture plants.

SpeedSander | Wide Belt Sander
A versatile sanding machine that uses a combination drum and platen head to improve the finish on wood, mitigate hand labor, and is a huge upgrade over the entry level drum sander. This model is...
1300 series widebelt
1300 Series | Wide Belt Sander
A compact and dependable machine that features a number of standard options and can be equipped with up to three heads. Ideal for small to mid-sized woodworking shops.
2300 Series | Wide Belt Sander
2300 Series | Planer-Sander
This versatile machine offers a variety of customizable features, including a 75” or 103” abrasive belt length and up to three heads (knife, drum or combination). Ideal for small to mid-sized cabinet...
2300 Series | Segmented Polisher
A fully customizable machine that can be equipped with a variety of heads (including cross-belt, drum, combination, dual-action, segmented, dual-action segmented and chevron), making it a great...
2300 Series | Orbital
This compact machine utilizes a unique dual motion orbital head design to deliver outstanding results with a continuous feed operation. Ideal for automating hand orbital (jitterbug) sanding...
2300 Series | Rotary Brush
A compact and user-friendly sander that’s optimally suited for cabinet, millwork and furniture plants. Ideal for finish sanding/sealer sanding or de-nibbing three-dimensional work pieces.
3300 Series Widebelt Sander
3300 Series | Wide Belt Sander
The 3300 Series is a time-tested workhorse designed for maximum performance, and competitively priced to deliver an outstanding value. Every craftsman has different needs, so each machine is...
3300 Series | Rotary Brush
A time-tested machine that offers a wide range of valuable features, including a 15-45 FPM feed speed and powerful main drive motors. Ideal for woodworking plants in need of a brush sander that...
8100 Series Machine
The 8100 Series is the largest machine we offer; using a reciprocating bed, high horsepower, and manufactured in The Netherlands. This machine uses wide belt coated abrasives to hold very tight...
3300 Series | Rotary Oscillating Brush
This feature-packed model utilizes a vacuum conveyor bed and four durable, high-quality brushes to effectively and efficiently sand tough and delicate materials alike. Ideal for use in mid to large-...
Manual Grinder
A versatile machine with vacuum hold down, and a rotatable head to swap between heavy grinding and edge rounding/deburring. Ideal for metalwork projects that require both deburring and grinding.
5300 Series | Wide Belt Sander
A massive machine that utilizes heavy, durable components for a long life of heavy use. Ideal for large-scale wide belt sanding and calibrating, heavy stock removal, panel sanding and veneer/lacquer...
This machine is a great boon for customers who require a fully deburred part. Its multi-directional brush design uniformly deburrs and finishes the edges of laser-cut, punched and machined parts in...
5300 Series | Planer Sander
A veritable powerhouse that features up to four heads in one machine frame and a maximum of 125 horsepower on its sanding heads. Ideal for large-scale wide belt sanding & calibration, panel...
4200 RB Machine
A multi-directional brush machine that uniformly deburrs and finishes the edges of metal parts in a single pass. This process is completely harmless to surface coatings (such as cladding, zinc or...
5300 Series | Segmented Polisher
A large, robust machine that is custom designed and built to your individual needs. Ideal for large-scale processes that involve wide belt sanding & calibrating or veneer & lacquer sanding.
2200 Series Slag Grinder
A robust machine that uses a special head configuration of a hard drum, soft drum and optional brush heads to effortlessly rip through slag. Ideal for heavy slag/dross removal and deburring.
3300 Series | Single Pad Orbital
A hardy model that features up to four drum, combination or orbital heads to speed up production processes and improve your bottom line. Ideal for orbital sanding in medium to large-sized cabinet,...
5300 Series | Twin Pad Orbital
This massive model uses some of the heaviest and most durable components in the industry to ensure that it performs and thrives during heavy use and 24/7 production. Ideal for orbital sanding in mid...
A versatile and portable dust collector also uses water as the filter media, and uses a specially designed stainless steel water separator within a 55-gallon drum to manage grinding debris. Its...
A powerful and compact model that effortlessly centers each board as it is being processed to optimize your team’s production process. Ideal for small to mid-sized cabinet, millwork and furniture...
WDC Machine
A full-sized, stainless steel dust collector uses water instead of a web-style filter to separate grinding debris out of the air flow, and comes in a variety of sizes. Its high capacity and resilient...
Moulding sander
Moulding Sander
This economic sanding and de-nibbing machine was engineered with small to medium-sized cabinet and furniture plants in mind. It’s fully customizable head configurations and flexible strip abrasive...
Timesavers Model 1100 series machines have a 9” wide conveyor belt, and have been an industry standard for over forty years. Thousands of these simple and economical machines are currently in the...
32 Series Rotary Brush | Dry
Dry Rotary Brush Metal Processing Machine
1200 SERIES | 9” WIDE | DRY
Designed for small metal part deburring and finishing; the 1200 Series Belt, Disc, or Belt+Disc can handle a wide array of metal deburring requirements. When equipped with an abrasive belt followed...
42 Series Rotary Brush | Dry
Dry Metal Processing Machine
1200 SERIES | 25” & 37” WIDE | DRY
The 1200 Series machines are economically priced, but deliver all of the same great results that you expect of a larger Timesaver. Available in 25" and 37" widths and in one or two head...
2100 series machine
Timesavers 2100 Series is available with a single wide belt head in 25" and 37" widths. This machine offers many features of larger single-head wet machines, but with light horsepower and...
The 2200 Series can be configured for metal finishing or deburring at an affordable price, with many standard features that other companies only offer as options. This versatile group of machines is...
3300 Series | Planer Sander
A time-tested machine that features an anti-kickback safety assembly, sectional infeed shoe and a combination of up to four high-quality heads (knife, drum, combination and brush) to excel with even...
3200 series machine
The 3200 Series can be configured for metal finishing or deburring by using any combination of four - wide belt and brush heads. This heavy duty series of machines includes automatic raise/lower for...
3300 Series Polisher
3300 Series | Segmented Polisher
A dependable polisher that can be outfitted with up to four heads. Its versatility and durable design make it ideal for a wide range of woodworking projects, including veneer and lacquer sanding,...
Timesavers 4200 Series is available in 37" and 52" widths with up to four sanding belts, or any combination of belt and brush heads. The 4200 Series is designed for 24/7 around the clock...
LYNX Series | Wet
3300 Series | Twin Pad Orbital
This durable model can be outfitted with up to four combination, orbital or brush heads and is the fastest feed-through orbital we offer. Its hardiness, respectable horsepower and user-friendly...
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