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Timesavers was founded in 1946 to provide finishing solutions for various materials. Today, we have grown into a trusted industrial metal finishing company with some of the most advanced finishing equipment in the industry. Timesavers is an innovator in finishing and sanding technologies for various materials, including metal, wood and plastics. We help our clients overcome their material's unique challenges to meet specific requirements. Our experts will support your project from beginning to end with dedicated customer service.

Cylindrical Deburring Now Offered By Timesavers

With more than 125 years of combined surface finishing expertise, Randbright and Timesavers lead the industry with best-in-class metal finishing technology. Timesavers now offers Randbright's modular OD and cylindrical deburring finishing solutions.

Cutting-Edge Timesavers Metal Solutions

Timesavers finishing machines can provide the right finish to your part, regardless of the cutting process. Our metal solutions are versatile to provide a wide range of finish options in one machine, from edge rounding to laser oxide removal.

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Full Timesavers Wood Sanding Solutions

From initial stock removal to sanding, Timesavers offers quality solutions for advanced woodworking. Our machinery can complete labor-intensive tasks in less time with faster results.

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If you're looking for an experienced industrial metal finishing company, choose Timesavers. Our advanced technology and wide range of machinery allow our clients to find a machine for any material finishing need they have.

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