World's Largest Manufacturer

At Timesavers, we are one of the oldest, largest, and most advanced wood and metal finishing equipment manufacturers. We continually develop pioneering advances in new wide belt abrasive finishing and metal fabrication machinery and introduce them to the rest of the industry. Since 1946, we have partnered alongside our clients to overcome unique challenges and meet particular requirements. In over seven decades of service, we've worked with almost every type of industry to create innovative solutions that redefine the way you finish your materials. We are your custom woodworking and metalworking solutions provider serving clients worldwide through our network of trusted distributors. Our company specializes in developing advanced finishing products for woodworkers, metalworkers, and other manufacturers that deliver the finest finish in the world. These products offer multiple advantages that your business can benefit from, including higher productivity, more efficiency, and reduced waste, contributing to a better bottom line. When you become one of our customers, you can count on unequaled equipment performance and superior personalized assistance in achieving your goals.

Mission Statement

With over 75 years of experience, Timesavers has been setting the industry standard to meet and exceed customer expectations within the metal and woodworking industry. Our mission is to provide the right solution to each customer's unique manufacturing process by bringing experience, knowledge, and customer focus to every project.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Passionate
  • Innovative
  • Established

Our Solutions for Woodworking Operations

We know how much work goes into the woodworking process. Different wood species and product types require alternative processing techniques. You need a range of equipment if you want to achieve an optimal finish. At Timesavers, we manufacture solutions to help make each step easier. We produce an extensive line of commercial sanding machines and equipment suited for a variety of woodworking applications, including products for:
  • Brush sanding
  • Panel sanding
  • Orbital sanding
  • Heavy stock removal
  • Veneer and lacquer sanding
  • Wide belt sanding and calibrating.
Our products are ideal for millwork, cabinetmaking and furniture building. All are available in standard configurations or customized models adapted to accommodate your specific materials and production processes. Timesavers can also install custom equipment to improve and streamline your finishing process, including stain applicators and wipe units, different drying ovens, cooling tunnels and conveyor systems.

Products Specifically Made for Metalworkers

If you do any commercial metalworking, we have the tools you need to improve your processes and finished product. We are advanced deburring system manufacturers with a complete lineup of versatile machines that include a range of valuable features designed to help you become more productive and profitable. Our inventory includes multiple options with ranging performance specifications suitable for efficient processes such as:
  • Finishing
  • Deburring
  • Edge rounding
  • Precision grinding
  • Heavy slag removal.
If your deburring or metalworking business has specialized needs, Timesavers has you covered. We'll configure a machine with your custom parameters to help save you time and money manufacturing your products. We can also add new systems to your manufacturing processes that you can use to apply clear coatings and paint to sheet metal, flat steel coils and formed components as well as polish the finished surface.

Specialty Manufacturing Equipment 

We are always adopting new systems and technology and incorporating them into our designs to help our clients further speed up their production and get finishes of unmatched quality. Our products are perfect for achieving flawless finishes on a wide range of different surfaces. In addition to all wood and metal types, we manufacture equipment you can use to shape, form and finish various materials, including:
  • Vinyl
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Laminates
  • Ceiling tiles.
We employ a wide range of additional product solutions to deliver the results you want in any application you have in mind. These include various specialty coating systems and high-power commercial dust collection equipment you can install to keep dust off drying finishes, maintain cleaner work areas and help your employees breathe healthier air. Whatever products you manufacture — if they are sandable or need paint, stain or another finish — Timesavers will help you solve any challenges and provide the most effective machine for the job.

Factory Parts for Maintenance and Repairs

With our products, you can depend on ongoing parts support for as long as you own your machine. We maintain an expansive inventory that includes over $6 million of parts, and we offer same-day shipping on requests to help you care for your equipment and minimize downtime. Our parts team has the technical expertise to help you find the right parts to keep your facility running and provide you with professional tips to ensure fast and proper installation — all over the phone. Our parts are manufactured to the precise original specification for an exact fit and dependable life span. We use original quality raw materials that we subject to stringent quality control processes to ensure your parts are safe to use and perform as designed. Our parts inventory includes repair, replacement and maintenance components for our full line of products, plus parts for AEM, Midwest Automation, Sandingmaster and Grindingmaster equipment available at competitive rates.

Running Smooth Over 75 Years

Timesavers is the industry leader for quality commercial sanding and deburring machines. We have over 75 years of experience serving the woodworking and metalworking industries with an extensive selection of wide belt sanders and unmatched service and support. We currently have over 50,000 commercial sanding machines in the field installed at manufacturing operations of all sizes. These machines are some of the most dependable across the industry — Timesavers' equipment over 50 years old is still going strong today.

Service for Timesavers/AEM, Midwest Automation, Grindingmaster and Sandingmaster Machines

Timesavers is also your top source for factory-trained service anywhere across North America, with mobile service teams located in Minnesota, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Washington. Our technicians will come to your shop and arrive fast with everything they need to make an accurate assessment, perform your repair and provide any necessary adjustments or calibrations. We can also answer many questions over the phone and offer basic troubleshooting.

Become More Productive With Help From Timesavers

As a top deburring machine manufacturer, we can help you save on time and production costs with customized machinery built to meet your needs. Contact us online today to learn more about our products, or request your custom quote to acquire one of our industry-leading wood or metal finishing solutions. We can also create a quote or help you start designing your custom equipment.

We are excited to announce that we are part of the InCompass™ Group! Together we share a common goal with providing our customers with complete manufactured growth solutions. Our experience, innovation and ingenuity come together to provide direction to help you integrate manufacturing solutions to tackle your business challenges.

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