How Rotary Brush Machines Improve Edge Quality

How Rotary Brush Machines Improve Edge Quality

From rolling cabinets in the ER to refrigerator doors, burrs or sharp edges on metal parts can pose a serious risk to both workers and consumers. Whether it’s a snagged jacket or a sliced finger, serious repercussions can stem from these troublesome imperfections.

In years past, it was standard for burrs and sharp edges to be smoothed by hand in production environments, using such tools as abrasive flap wheels (or possibly a belt sander for heavy burrs). The problem with performing this essential step by hand is that the work will be prone to inconsistencies, and manufacturers can end up with unpredictable edge quality, decreasing the reliability of finished products. Lastly, smoothing and improving edge quality by hand is tedious and tiresome work.

We’ve refined every other aspect of the manufacturing process; it’s time now to bring your edge finishing procedures into the present. Don’t get left behind; using a rotary brush machine to improve your edge quality will have a far-reaching positive impact on your manufacturing process.

Save Time with Rotary Brush Machines

Time is money, as the saying goes, and spending hours refinishing your product’s edges is both impractical and inefficient. Timesavers is proud to be a long-leading manufacturer in the deburring and metal finishing technologies arena, and with our array of belt and orbital sanders, slag grinders, straight-grain finishing machines, and dust collection systems, we’ve done more than our fair share to modernize the industry.

Anyone in metalworking knows that burr removal is only one part of proper edge care. When working with products produced by stamping, laser, or flame-cutting operations, you want your finished product to be burr-free and have the highly sought-after straight-line finish. But traditional edge belt sanders leave behind razor-sharp edges, meaning that those who produce materials for the medical or food processing industries need to commit more finishing time to dull these sharp points.

By adding a rotary brush machine to your manufacturing process, you’ll be able to eliminate burrs while smoothing edges at the same time, saving you time and money. After all, that’s what Timesavers is all about.

Inside Rotary Brush Performance

We did not simply stumble upon our innovative rotary brush design. We went through many rounds of trial and error facilitated by years of research to create our current rotary brush design. It was through partnerships with both abrasive suppliers and our sister company in Holland that we were able to come to some surprising conclusions.

First, a barrel-shaped wheel (as opposed to the traditional sanding belt) performs exceptionally well when trying to eliminate sharp edges and burrs. But we learned that solid brushes on the same design leave something to be desired. It was this realization that led our engineers to craft a rotary brush that was comprised of thousands of abrasive flaps, as opposed to one solid mass.

Our next innovation came through observing that when we mounted a few pairs of our new abrasive flap brushes to a carousel assembly over a moving conveyor belt, we were able to feed parts beneath our new brushes, where they would then be hit with abrasion on all sides.

While this method may sound aggressive, the effect is almost disarming in its gentle nature. Plated or film-coated parts can be fed through our rotary brush machines to achieve a smooth and consistent edge break all-around without any damage. There’s no need to sacrifice any measure of handling to achieve the edge quality your products require.

How Rotary Brush Machines Can Work For You

The beauty of a Timesavers rotary brush machine lies in its ability to adapt to your needs. With our rotary brush machines, you have the ability to adjust not only the abrasive grit of the brush’s flaps, but the brush interference, feed speed, and speed of the brushes themselves. Between these many variables, vast levels of edge rounding can be achieved. But beyond edge finishing, our rotary brush machines can produce unique industrial finishing multidirectional touches, like random scratches and other tasteful adornments.

As stated above, while the absence of burrs and sharp edges is one of the most attractive results of our rotary brush machine, its longevity and ability to save you time contribute to its appeal for most manufacturers. Many of our customers have been astounded by their Timesavers rotary brush machines. Customers face difficult tasks as their products are often built from irregularly shaped stainless steel parts that are full of internal slots, holes, and edge profiles. Companies were spending hundreds of hours manually deburring, but once a Timesavers rotary brush machine is introduced, their deburring department has the ability to go to just one person running their machine, and their new Timesavers machine now produces a “consistent edge quality, every single time.”

Learn More About Rotary Brush Machines

Industrial finishing doesn’t need to be a tedious and time-consuming task. With the use of a Timesavers rotary brush machine, you can cut down on production time, eradicate burrs, and consistently achieve perfect edges. If you would like to learn more about our rotary brush machines, or any of our other unrivaled metalworking equipment, feel free to reach out to us today. We look forward to working with you to find the perfect edge quality solution that best suits your production needs and goals.