Our Metal Finishing & Surface Preparation Capabilities

If you require dependable metal finishing equipment for your industrial applications, Timesavers has the advanced solutions you need. Since 1946, we've manufactured industry-leading metal finishing machines designed to increase production speeds and improve finishes while minimizing metal consumption and labor costs. As one of the industry's oldest and largest equipment manufacturers, we're always creating new, innovative solutions that redefine how companies finish their materials.

32 Series RB

32 Series Rotary Brush Machine

The 32 Series RB is our mid-range RB machine, offering versatility for deburring, edge conditioning, metal finishing, laser oxide removal and heavy slag removal of different materials. If you’re interested in our RB Series, request a quote or get in touch today!

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Upgrade Your Metal Finishing Systems

We have the high-quality surface finishing machines you need to improve your metalworking processes and finished products. Our industrial metal finishing solutions are designed to deliver the finest finish for any part, regardless of cut. We offer machines that satisfy a wide range of performance specifications so you can find the equipment best suited for your application.


Complete Machine Lineup

As your expert metal finishing system manufacturer, we carry a complete lineup of versatile finishing solutions equipped with advanced features to boost productivity and profitability for these metalworking processes:


Custom-Tailored Solutions

We can fulfill your individualized production line needs with our custom-tailored surface finishing machines. When you work with us, we’ll configure a machine with your unique specifications in mind to help you get the most value from your manufacturing processes. We can also implement new finishing systems that apply paint and clear coatings to formed components, sheet metal and flat steel coils and polish the finished surfaces.

Ongoing Support

You can leverage ongoing support for as long as your own your machine at Timesavers. Our knowledgeable staff has the technical expertise to help you find the components you need to optimize your facility while offering expert installation advice.

Our comprehensive inventory comprises over $6 million in repair, replacement and maintenance parts precisely manufactured with original-quality raw materials and strict quality control procedures to ensure optimal safety, performance and life span. When you order from us, we’ll ship your parts that day to ensure speedy maintenance and minimal downtime for your company.


Timesavers Metal Finishing Solutions

Collection of pipes perfectly finished with centerless finishing machines

Cylindrical Finishing

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Two identical gears show the difference between burred and deburred


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Four flat metal components display edge rounding capabilities

Edge Rounding

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Two metal components showing differences between finished and unfinished metal


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Two identical metal components; one with slag and the other without

Heavy Slag Removal

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Two large and shiny washers with oxide removed

Laser Oxide Removal

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Sleek example of Timesavers' precision grinding capabilities

Precision Grinding

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Invest in Metal Finishing Equipment at Timesavers

You can find top-quality metal finishing machines for your facility at Timesavers. We're proud to deliver advanced wood and metal finishing products that produce the best finish in the world. Request a quote for your upgraded metal finishing solutions today!

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