Timesavers partnered with Randbright to offer the market's highest-performing cylindrical finishing equipment. The Randbright equipment line is one example of the many finishing solutions we provide to eliminate manual labor and increase production speed. Our expert team can help you select the ideal Randbright model for your application.


Randbright RB 60

The Randbright RB 60 allows you to be more efficient while increasing safety and product quality. With our vast configuration options and world-class support teams, the RB 60 can easily adapt to any of your industry or product requirements.

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Randbright RB 80

The Randbright RB 80 drastically reduces your finishing times compared to manual processing and applications, while also providing a consistent high-quality finish every time.

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Randbright RB 120

The Randbright RB 120 optimizes your day-to-day productivity with increased operating power. With multiple configuration options and dry or wet models, you can seamlessly install the RB 120 into your existing cylindrical finishing systems.

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Cylindrical Finishing Systems and Grinding Machines for Any Need

At Timesavers, we understand the importance of customization and flexibility. That’s why we offer our Randbright finishing equipment in various configurations to fit into any existing type of system. Our cylindrical finishing machines increase productivity by improving load times, boosting intake and output, and minimizing equipment downtime. We also ensure our products deliver finishes that comply with industry regulations and expectations.

Several examples of our Randbright machines include:

  • Randbright RB 60: The Randbright RB 60 creates a smooth and bright finish for your workpiece while maximizing production speed and ensuring operator safety. Various configurations are available, including setups with brush heads, belt heads or buff heads.
  • Randbright RB 80: The Randbright RB 80 cylindrical grinding machine uses abrasive belts and finishing wheels to efficiently increase safety and product quality. Multiple configurations are available that offer one to four-head functionality.

We Offer More Than Cylindrical Finishing Machines

Timesavers offers unparalleled service that goes above and beyond initially purchasing your finishing equipment and accessing our extensive finishing system lines. We pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships with all of our customers by providing benefits like:

  • Technical expertise: To keep your machinery running smoothly, our team offers industry-leading technical support for as long as you own your equipment. We have staff available to help you quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and guide you through repairs over the phone. In addition, we offer comprehensive training services to your operators after installing your new equipment.
  • Accessible parts: Timesavers maintains an extensive inventory that includes over $6 million in replacement parts and provides same-day shipping on requests whenever possible. Our parts team has the knowledge and experience to help find the components you need to minimize downtime.
  • Devoted service: With strategic locations throughout the United States, Timesavers is well-equipped to handle all your service needs. Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience setting up finishing equipment and ensuring your new machinery runs smoothly and efficiently. We also offer phone support and on-site services to meet all your repair and preventive maintenance needs.


Find Cylindrical Grinding Solutions at Timesavers Today

Whether you’re considering the superior polishing capabilities of the Randbright RB 60 or the workhorse production of the RB 120 model, the Timesavers team can guide you in the right direction. Connect with us online today to learn more about how our cylindrical finishing equipment can improve your operation. You can also fill out a quote request form to receive pricing on any machine.


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