Metal finishing and industrial polishing machines from Timesavers provide superior finishes and tailored solutions. When consistency is key, our metal finishing products deliver. Learn more about our lineup of machines and how we can customize your equipment for your shop or production line!


41 Series (Trident)

Built upon the legacy and success of the 41 Series PUMA, the NEW Timesavers 41 Series Trident is a true workhorse; designed, engineered and built in the USA for 24/7 operation. The Trident is a 52" width machine available from one to two heads with a combination of wide belt abrasive and barrel brush type heads. As a wet machine, the Trident system is suitable for running mixed materials without having to change the abrasive media and completely clean out the whole machine - 100% Made in the USA.

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41 Series (PUMA)

The 41 Series (PUMA) is engineered, designed, and built for 3 shifts, and 24/7 operations. This high-quality grinder is available with up to 4 heads with multiple head types. This makes the machine extremely suitable for machining thin, oiled, greasy, and/or highly flammable metal parts and materials.

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Compact 9 Series

The Timesavers Compact 9 Series are economical machines, ideal for deburring, finishing, and edge breaking of small parts. The combination of a small footprint and minimal power requirements allow these models to be easily placed where the need is greatest. Available with a belt head and top brush assembly gives users flexibility based on application.

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11 Series

The 11 Series operates wet and has an integrated product dryer and paper belt filter. This machine is easy to operate, and after a few minutes of training, a perfectly finished part can be produced. The 11 Series is delivered with a 9" wide conveyor belt.

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12 Series

The 12 Series dry deburring machine has been the standard in the metal industry for more than forty years. Thousands of these economically attractive deburring machines are being used worldwide for the deburring and finishing of small parts.

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21 Series

The 21 Series wet processing machine offers many features of larger single-head wet machines, but with reduced horsepower and compact design for an economical price for lower production requirements.

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22 Series

The 22 Series can be configured for metal finishing or deburring at a competitive price. This versatile group of machines is available in 2 widths with configurations of 1-3 heads. By combining an abrasive belt and a barrel brush, products can be deburred and finished in one pass. The machine is produced for deburring laser cut metal, with low user costs.  

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22 Series EdgeMaster

The 22 Series EdgeMaster can be configured for metal finishing or deburring at a competitive price. This versatile group of machines is available in 1 width with configurations of 2-3 heads. By combining an abrasive belt and a top brush, products can be deburred, rounded, and finished in one pass. The machine is engineered for deburring laser cut metal and edge rounding of sides, with low user costs. These models have four rotating discs for removing a secondary burr while providing superior edge rounding of your parts. Using industry-leading technology this dry machine is suitable for all production environments, making it a versatile solution for industries such as aerospace, automotive, military/defense, medical device, agriculture and more.

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31 Series (LYNX)

The 31 Series wet metal processing machine is engineered and designed to your exact needs. The 31 Series is the most versatile machine that Timesavers offers. This heavy-duty machine can be run up to 2 shifts per day.

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32 Series RB

The 32 Series RB is the Timesavers mid-range RB machine, offering versatility for deburring, edge rounding, finishing, and laser oxide removal for different materials.

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42 Series RB

The 42 Series Rotary Brush dry machine is the ultimate machine for deburring, finishing, edge radiusing, laser oxide removal, and heavy slag removal. This machine offers the perfect solution for manufacturers who supply premium quality products. The high quality is achieved through a multi-rotating brush machine with eight abrasive flap brushes that deburr uniformly and round the edges of metal perfectly. The 42 Series RB is a 3 shift, heavy production, custom-built modular machine that can accommodate multiple customer applications.

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Manual Grinder

The manual grinder is Timesaver’s versatile starter model and the cost saving alternative for manual deburring, edge rounding, and/or finishing of metal.

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Choose Our Industry-Leading Metal Finishing & Polishing Products

Timesavers offers best-in-class solutions no one else can. We build our metal finishing and polishing products with more complexity, which means we can provide more customization. When you choose machinery from Timesavers, we’ll configure the equipment to match your specific needs, and our world-class support team is ready to assist you with any questions.

We build our metal finishing equipment with the goal of consistency in mind. Our machinery leaves metal surfaces smooth and durable — not just once, but every time. Our wire brush head configuration is the best in the industry. Our sturdy equipment has a long life span, too. Some of our customers are still running machinery from over 50 years ago.


Why Choose Timesavers?

Timesavers has a proven track record of improving efficiency and cost savings for our customers. Our philosophy is all about maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime to save you money.

When you purchase equipment from Timesavers, we’ll ensure your team is trained and comfortable using it. Our technicians will come to your shop to set up the machine, train operators and maintenance staff, and offer advice on best practices.

We also offer ongoing support for as long as you own your machine. Our industry experts provide phone support for free and can often troubleshoot, diagnose issues and walk you through repairs over the phone. If you need to order a part, we can typically ship it on the same day. With an extensive inventory and quick shipping, we’ll help get you up and running as soon as possible.

Our Metal Surface Finishing Machine Capabilities

Beyond providing the best grain and cosmetic finishes in the market, our versatile machines can provide additional cutting-edge capabilities:

Contact Timesavers for Metal Finishing Equipment

Since 1946, Timesavers has provided metal finishing equipment to help our clients improve production speeds and increase finish quality. Our machinery also helps reduce labor costs and metal use. We’ll configure our machines to your specifications to design a solution customized to meet your needs. Contact us today to request a quote!