Laser-cutting technology helped revolutionize manufacturing processes with its speed, precision and versatility. Many of these machines have energy-friendly designs that rely on oxygen for operation. As a result, workpieces often have a thin, shiny layer of laser oxide on them after cutting, which requires elimination to ready the piece for further finishing.


22 Series

The 22 Series can be configured for metal finishing or deburring at a competitive price. This versatile group of machines is available in 2 widths with configurations of 1-3 heads. By combining an abrasive belt and a barrel brush, products can be deburred and finished in one pass. The machine is produced for deburring laser cut metal, with low user costs.  

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32 Series RB

The 32 Series RB is the Timesavers mid-range RB machine, offering versatility for deburring, edge rounding, finishing, and laser oxide removal for different materials.

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42 Series RB

The 42 Series Rotary Brush dry machine is the ultimate machine for deburring, finishing, edge radiusing, laser oxide removal, and heavy slag removal. This machine offers the perfect solution for manufacturers who supply premium quality products. The high quality is achieved through a multi-rotating brush machine with eight abrasive flap brushes that deburr uniformly and round the edges of metal perfectly. The 42 Series RB is a 3 shift, heavy production, custom-built modular machine that can accommodate multiple customer applications.

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What Is Laser Oxide Removal?

Laser oxide removal is the process of getting rid of this outer layer, called oxide skin.

This skin forms during cutting as protection, helping safeguard the base metal from the corrosive effects of oxygen. Eliminating the skin is crucial to the workpiece’s final quality because it impacts additional manufacturing processes such as:

  • Welding: Welds are stronger and cleaner on surfaces that undergo oxide removal.
  • Bonding: Adhesives perform better on oxide-free workpieces.
  • Finishing: Paints and powder coatings stick better and are more durable on cleaned surfaces.

Manufacturers can perform oxide and industrial rust removal through multiple methods. Modern approaches include chemicals and automated equipment, such as the laser oxide removal machines from Timesavers.

What Makes Timesavers Machines Different?

We offer oxide elimination machines that stand apart from other solutions. Our equipment is different because of its:

  • Innovative design: Our machines use a steel wire brush-based design for contaminant and laser rust removal. This configuration promotes maximum throughput by getting rid of the skin on the workpiece sides and surfaces in one pass.
  • Increased versatility: Our machines can integrate deburring and edge-rounding processes into them for extra value. The brush design we use can handle intricate parts and contours for optimal results on unique workpieces.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Our equipment uses a completely dry process — there’s no need for extra rinsing, saving additional time throughout production.
  • Environmental friendliness: Our solutions are durable and eliminate chemical use. As a result, they’re much more ecologically responsible and support greater sustainability.

Our Laser Oxide Removal Machines

Timesavers offers three models of laser oxide removal machines to meet your application needs.

22 Series

The 22 series group of equipment has multiple customization options and is a competitively priced choice for deburring and finishing. Our innovative design features a built-in brush and abrasive belt that allows for deburring and edge rounding in a single pass. You benefit from lower operating costs and high capacity, producing a better return on investment (ROI).

32 Series RB

Our 32 Series rotary brush machines are the perfect midrange choice for oxide skin removal on multiple materials. We’ve engineered these for energy efficiency, versatility, user-friendliness and longevity, with up to 1,000 hours of brush life. The media is also cost-effective and provides a generous ROI.

42 Series RB

The 42 Series rotary brush machines are the premium solution to effective laser oxide removal. This design features eight abrasive-flap brushes and multidirectional rotation for high-speed, top-quality results. The 42 Series can handle various material gauges for increased versatility and supports up to 50% faster processing.

Get Faster Oxide Skin Removal With Timesavers

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