Achieving exact results with precision grinding is simple with automated abrasive belts from Timesavers. This innovative technology removes layers of various material types easily and is more accurate than typical stone grinding and milling processes. Learn how Timesavers' machines can help you achieve U-shaped or tapered surfaces when grinding parts for various industries.


41 Series (Trident)

Built upon the legacy and success of the 41 Series PUMA, the NEW Timesavers 41 Series Trident is a true workhorse; designed, engineered and built in the USA for 24/7 operation. The Trident is a 52" width machine available from one to two heads with a combination of wide belt abrasive and barrel brush type heads. As a wet machine, the Trident system is suitable for running mixed materials without having to change the abrasive media and completely clean out the whole machine - 100% Made in the USA.

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41 Series (PUMA)

The 41 Series (PUMA) is engineered, designed, and built for 3 shifts, and 24/7 operations. This high-quality grinder is available with up to 4 heads with multiple head types. This makes the machine extremely suitable for machining thin, oiled, greasy, and/or highly flammable metal parts and materials.

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Precisely Shape and Grind Your Metal Workpieces

Grinding steel plates and other materials with a metal surface grinder machine is an excellent option for quick, meticulous work. These abrasive belt tools also ensure you achieve your production line’s desired thickness or shape, whether you need flat, tapered or U-shaped metal workpieces.

This quality is vital for industries that require exact material thicknesses, such as:

  • Defense
  • Astronautics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical

By producing precise results for these and other sectors, metal surface grinder machines help ensure future safety and success, regardless of the finished products’ application.


How the 41 Series (PUMA) Precision Grinding Machine Can Help

When you need a tool for precise metal grinding, look no further than the 41 Series (PUMA) from Timesavers. You can customize this machine to meet your production requirements and needs, increasing productivity. This tool is also suitable for various applications, whether you work with highly flammable metal parts or thin, oiled or greasy materials, and it is designed for 24/7, three-shift operation. The 41 Series (PUMA) also comes with up to four grinding heads to help you get the thickness and finish you need.

Some benefits of using this precision grinding machine include:

  • Higher surface quality: Take advantage of the finest finish in the industry.
  • Lower operating costs: Increase your uptime and efficiency, effectively reducing overtime and maintenance costs.
  • Tighter tolerances: Enjoy results that are accurate up to +/- 0.02 millimeters.
  • Faster operation: Grind parts faster with this efficient system.
  • Greater versatility: Work with materials like carbon, steel, stainless steel, molybdenum, copper, aluminum, titanium and zirconium efficiently.

You can also benefit from this machine’s integrated filtration system — which keeps the metal parts cool during operation — and automatic lubrication — which preserves the abrasive belt and increases its service life.

Timesavers Has a Proven History of Boosting Efficiency

You can trust Timesavers to provide the best precision grinding machines for your applications. Our machines come in multiple configurations, allowing them to fit seamlessly into production lines and simplify the transition process. We also offer an extensive range of ready-to-ship machine parts, enabling you to take advantage of same-day shipping for quick maintenance or repairs.

Timesavers has been an industry leader in producing top-quality grinding tools for over 75 years. Our team can customize woodworking and metal fabrication machinery to improve your operations and achieve consistent, high-quality results with finishing equipment from Timesavers.

Find the Precision Grinder You Need at Timesavers

If you are looking for a precision grinder that can reduce your downtime and deliver precise results, we can help. Our 41 Series (PUMA) revolutionizes the grinding landscape, and our technicians are standing by to assist you with your operations. If you want to see why customers choose Timesavers, request a quote today or contact our team for more information.