Sanding veneer wood requires precision to prevent damaging the thin veneer layer. Lacquer sanding also requires special care, as the thick lacquer requires the right tools to sand properly. Timesavers has a wide selection of veneer and lacquer sanders designed for these special applications. Since 1946, we have created industry-leading solutions for custom applications. Contact us today to get started on your quote!


23 Series

When it comes to tackling industrial planing, or sanding tasks, you need a machine that gets the job done right, every time. If you’re looking for a durable and efficient tool to dimension and finish wood products with ease, look no further than the 23 Series stationary widebelt, planer, orbital, & veneer sanders. These dependable machines feature up to four heads, in many combinations for added versatility.  

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33 Series

The 33 Series machines are time-tested, with a workhorse design for maximum performance, with a competitive price to deliver outstanding value. Every craftsman has different needs, so each machine is configured around your application & situation. Through years of customer feedback and experience, the 33 Series has evolved into a feature-packed industry benchmark for excellence. The 33 Series is built for long life, outstanding performance, and versatility to increase production and improve your bottom line.

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53 Series

The 53 Series is a massive machine that utilizes heavy, durable components for a long life of heavy use. Ideal for large-scale widebelt sanding and calibrating, heavy stock removal, panel sanding, and veneer and lacquer sanding during 24/7 operations.

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Moulding Sander

Timesavers' and Dubois' new MS series of moulding sanders were engineered and designed with cabinet and furniture plants in mind. Available in 2 to 7 head configurations, this economic sanding/denibbing machine is capable of handling mouldings as short as 17", and from 1/8" to 12" wide. Every head on the MS Series Moulding Sander is adjustable to match any profile, with an optional HMI/PLC control available.

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Create a World-Class Veneer and Lacquer Finish Every Time

Timesavers has several high-quality veneer and lacquer sanders available for a competitive price. Our machine configuration and customization options guarantee that you can find the right specifications for your workpieces in our inventory. These machines and systems have undergone years of feedback and improvements to become the most durable options available.

Our inventory includes the following options for lacquer and veneer sanding:

  • 23 Series: The 23 Series lacquer sanding machine is an efficient and durable option with up to four heads for versatility. Machine widths range from 13 to 52 inches, depending on the configuration chosen.
  • 33 Series: Our 33 Series solution supports a maximum performance, with a throughput of up to 60 feet per minute. Choose up to five machine heads to give your workpieces the desired finish.
  • 53 Series: The 53 Series models are our heavy-duty machines with durable components to support 24/7 high-speed processing operations. The sanding heads have a maximum of 125 horsepower to sand many materials in one pass.
  • Moulding Sander: Our moulding sander automates hand-sanding applications to achieve a higher production rate and color match assurance. Get up to seven functioning heads that can be adjusted to match any profile.


Why Choose Timesavers for Your Veneer and Lacquer Sanding Machine?

Timesavers is the leading manufacturer in the world of wood finishing equipment like veneer and lacquer sanders. Our innovative machines set the industry standards for wood finishing. Our decades of experience means we know the best way to sand veneer and lacquer. Over 50,000 of our commercial sanding machines are currently installed in manufacturing operations of all sizes.

With our state-of-the-art customization options, you can be confident your veneer and lacquer will have a smooth, perfect finish. Our fully customizable machines allow you to tackle multiple tasks at once, such as panel sanding, widebelt sanding, orbital sanding and more.

Timesavers is also here to help with your equipment maintenance and repair needs. We have an extensive factory parts inventory on hand at all times, with same-day shipping available on request. Our parts availability and fast shipping ensure a quick repair turnaround to get your machines operational right away.

We will be your ongoing parts support for the life of your machine. Each part is manufactured to the original specifications for reliability and dependability for your machine.

Request a Quote for Your Veneer Sanding Equipment

Timesavers has the equipment you need for your small- and large-scale veneer and lacquer sanding projects. Our expert team has a lot of knowledge about our machinery and sanding techniques to help you with your workpiece. Request a quote today to add our equipment to your operations.