Widebelt sanders are some of the most versatile tools for sanding and finishing applications. These highly efficient machines can sand materials down to a specific thickness and prep workpieces for finishing. This equipment is ideal for wood and composite boards requiring the highest manufacturing tolerances. Contact our expert team to discuss how our widebelt sanding machines can help you!


13 Series

The 13 Series woodworking machine is compact and dependable that features several standard options and equipped with up to 3 heads. This machine is ideal for education technical centers as well as all types of woodworking shops.  

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23 Series

When it comes to tackling industrial planing, or sanding tasks, you need a machine that gets the job done right, every time. If you’re looking for a durable and efficient tool to dimension and finish wood products with ease, look no further than the 23 Series stationary widebelt, planer, orbital, & veneer sanders. These dependable machines feature up to four heads, in many combinations for added versatility.  

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33 Series

The 33 Series machines are time-tested, with a workhorse design for maximum performance, with a competitive price to deliver outstanding value. Every craftsman has different needs, so each machine is configured around your application & situation. Through years of customer feedback and experience, the 33 Series has evolved into a feature-packed industry benchmark for excellence. The 33 Series is built for long life, outstanding performance, and versatility to increase production and improve your bottom line.

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53 Series

The 53 Series is a massive machine that utilizes heavy, durable components for a long life of heavy use. Ideal for large-scale widebelt sanding and calibrating, heavy stock removal, panel sanding, and veneer and lacquer sanding during 24/7 operations.

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The Timesavers Speedsander is a versatile sanding machine that uses a combination drum and platen head to improve the finish on wood, mitigate hand labor, and is a time and cost-saving upgrade over the entry-level drum sander. This portable model is designed for cabinetmakers and woodworkers and is ideal for a variety of woodworking projects.

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Since 1946, Timesavers has led the industry in widebelt sanding solutions. We offer equipment in various designs and sizes to meet the needs of your custom widebelt sanding applications. Our engineers have decades of combined experience working with clients in machine customization and finding the ideal sanding solutions for their operations.

Easily Shape and Level Your Workpieces

Timesavers prioritizes flexibility and customization, so we designed our widebelt sanding solutions to fit nearly any existing finishing system. Our widebelt sanders are among the most versatile on the market, performing a broad range of tasks like orbital sanding, veneer sanding and uneven wood leveling. Timesavers’ extensive range of wide-belt equipment can also handle various materials, with machines offering round-the-clock operational capabilities.

Several examples of our wide-belt sanding machines include:

  • 13 Series: The 13 Series comes equipped with up to three heads to provide a compact and dependable solution for lighter-duty applications like technical centers and woodworking shops.
  • 23 Series: The 23 Series offers up to four heads and machine configurations as wide as 52 inches to provide a versatile, efficient and durable solution for handling medium-duty sanding tasks.
  • 33 Series: The 33 Series is available with multiple heads in different configurations up to 64 inches wide to offer versatile sanding performance and many years of reliable service.
  • 53 Series: Our 53 series uses heavy-duty components capable of performing 24/7 operations for applications like large-scale widebelt sanding, calibrating, panel sanding and stock removal.
  • Speedsander: This widebelt wood sander is an ideal portable solution for woodworkers and cabinetmakers that uses a combination platen and drum head to improve the efficiency over entry-level drum sanders.


Providing More Than Industry-Leading Sanding Systems

At Timesavers, our services go far beyond selling our equipment and providing access to our extensive finishing system lines. We strive to establish lasting relationships with each of our clients by offering industry-best benefits like:

  • Technical expertise: Timesavers provides training and unparalleled technical support over the life of your machine to keep your equipment running 24/7. In many cases, our team can help you perform repairs, troubleshoot and diagnose problems directly over the phone.
  • Large part inventory: To keep your equipment running in peak condition, we stock over $6 million in replacement machine parts ready to ship the same day. Our team can provide advice for choosing the replacement parts you need for your specific machine model. Whether you need a replacement belt, drum or bearing, we can provide the necessary parts promptly.
  • Responsive service: Our factory-certified technicians have decades of combined experience setting up equipment and ensuring your machines work optimally to meet your production demands. We also offer repair and preventive maintenance services to minimize downtime and maintain your operation’s efficiency.

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