RB Series Metal Product Capabilities

RB Series Metal Product Capabilities

Stack of sheet metal ready for metal finishing

Metal sheet production and finishing equipment for industrial applications encompass a variety of machinery, all of which help improve the material’s surface characteristics. Deburring sheet metal is a crucial process in metalworking and manufacturing, creating sharp edges while removing burrs and imperfections from components. Smooth surfaces and uniform edging contribute to your products’ quality, functionality and safety.

Our rotary brush machines have deburring capabilities and come in various sizes and working widths for applications in multiple industries, like aerospace, automotive and electronics. Find out how these RB machines can boost your production efficiency, enhance product aesthetics and help you achieve superior product quality.

The Need for Deburring

During metal component production, casting or machining, burrs, surface irregularities and sharp edges get left behind. These irregularities are a safety hazard, can impact the installation of the metal part and can prevent paint from sticking to metal components. Using a deburring machine yields smooth, consistent results by grinding down burrs with an abrasive material.

This function is crucial in industries where precision is paramount, like medical device manufacturing. Even minor imperfections can have significant consequences on the overall functionality of the devices they are inserted into. These can include titanium components in surgical devices and certain prosthetics or implants.

RB Series and Sheet Metal Types

The most common types of sheet metal you will encounter in sheet metal finishing are aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel. Our machines can also process zinc- and copper-coated products. Additionally, our machines can deburr Zintec, galvanized materials and plated materials. We can also process some highly flammable metals like titanium using wet extraction systems.

Our rotary brush machines offer deburring, edge rounding, finishing, laser oxide removal and more. In an effort to streamline processes, machines in the RB series offer a dry dust extractor for steel processing. They also run a cleaning cycle every few hours to help maintain integrity and reduce maintenance.

Timesavers tip: Opt to use multiple brushes when processing different metals. This helps you avoid cross-contamination, allowing you to achieve optimal precision in deburring results.

RB Series and Metal Product Dimensions

Ensure that you select a machine by aligning its capabilities with the largest size and width of your components. The heads on each machine can adjust according to the thickness of the metal product you are working with. Here, you can compare each machine’s characteristics:

32 RB Series 42 RB Series
Functions Deburring
Edge rounding
Laser oxide removal
Heavy slag removal
Edge rounding
Laser oxide removal
Heavy slag removal
Working width For parts with a width up to 1100 mm Small or large parts with a maximum width of 1600 mm
Table opening For table openings between 0 and 100 mm For table openings between 0 and 100 mm
Machine size Medium Large, heavy-duty
Head types Hammerhead, wide belt, rotary brush Hammerhead, rotary brush, roller
Material integration Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc-coated, copper-coated and more Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc-coated, copper-coated and more
Unique benefits Provides a range of processing options
Offers a vacuum table for processing small parts
Can achieve deburring, rounding and finishing in one pass
Can achieve a radius of 2 mm
Available configurations RB, WRB, RBW, WRBW, WWEB, HWRB RB, WRB, RBW, WRBW, WWRB, HWRB, WWRBW

Timesavers tip: If you are unsure which working width to choose, opt for one that can process the largest products from your product range.

RB Series and Metal Product Thickness

The rotary brushes on these machines allow you to process materials with different thickness levels at the same time. The result is a more uniform dimension across the board. These deburring brushes are flexible, with flaps that reach all areas of the metal you are running through the machines. The machine’s ability to adapt to various sizes means there is no need to reset the machine when one metal sheet’s thickness differs from another. Unless the materials are not the same, of course. The result is a quicker production process.

Timesavers tip: Avoid thickness differences over 5 millimeters at a time to simplify your processes, as you can keep the machine running to help workflow stay on track.

Our RB Series Offers Universal Deburring Capabilities

The RB series can smooth out rollover burrs, poisson burrs and breakout burrs. It is worth noting that if you select a large machine like the 42 RB series, you can still process small metal sheets up to 50 by 50 millimeters, thanks to the sticky conveyor belt, magnetic strip on the table and vacuum table. The machines in our RB series are universal, meaning they can process any metal product up to 1600 millimeters in size. Deburring capabilities include:

The universal capabilities of the Timesavers RB Series machines

  • Edge rounding: With the RB 42 series, you can round precise edges up to a radius of 2 millimeters.
  • Deburring: All the machines in the RB series can deburr products of various sizes and metal types to remove all imperfections.
  • Finishing: The machines apply an appealing finish to metals to leave a durable, polished surface.
  • Laser oxide removal: The machines remove contaminants and laser oxide quickly and easily, leaving surfaces looking pristine.
  • Heavy slag removal: Using the hammerhead capability on the 32 and 42 RB series, you can remove dross and slag from any metal to produce uniform edging.
  • Precision grinding: Our machines use abrasive wheels, which create tight tolerances by removing materials from metal pieces.

Timesavers tip: You can increase productivity using the R+ brushes on the 32 and 42 RB series. These abrasive brushes remove more material in less time for faster throughput of sheet metal parts. They essentially help reduce your production cost thanks to their high lifetime.

Industrial Metal Finishing With Timesavers

Unwanted protrusions can happen in casting, machining or any other manufacturing process. These protrusions can compromise product functionality, safety and quality. For this reason, deburring machines are essential to your production processes. Choosing the right equipment for your industrial metal finishing needs depends on your production volume, material types and the size of these materials.

Timesavers has over 75 years of experience in the metal and woodworking industry. We offer surface-finishing machines that streamline metalworking processes and deliver high-quality products. If you have questions about our RB series metal product capabilities, we are here to help. Request a quote to upgrade your machines today!

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