Rotary Brush Sample

Brushes can be used in a variety of applications: de-nibbing, breaking edges, scuff sanding, or to ensure an even color on cabinet doors.

Series Recommendations

2300 Series Rotary brush3300 Series Rotary Brush

Heavy Stock Removal

These machines are designed to remove the maximum amount of material in the least amount of time. These machines will be equipped with knife heads or steel drums.

Series Recommendations

YIELDSAVER3300 Series Knife Planer

Panel Sample

Panel sanding is in a category on its own; this demanding application requires the use of our heaviest machinery.

Series Recommendations

3300 Series Wide Belt5300 Series Wide Belt

Cabinet Door

Sanding and calibrating machines are designed to provide an exceptional finish, while holding tight tolerances. These machines will use drum, combination, and platen heads.

Series Recommendations

SpeedSander2300 Series Wide Belt

Cabinet Door

Removing cross grain scratches in a feed through machine is no easy task, but Timesavers has the experience, and machinery, to get it done.

Series Recommendations

2300 Series Orbital3300 Series Orbital

Lacquered Wood

It is quite challenging to evenly sand a thin coating, such as a veneer or lacquered surface, without sanding through. To accomplish this task, a segmented platen is used to provide even pressure where it is needed.

Series Recommendations

2300 Series Polisher3300 Series Polisher

honey comb


If your application doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, there is still hope! Contact us to speak with someone who is experienced in our capabilities.