Mechanical Engineer - Midwest Automation - Minneapolis, MN

Mechanical Engineer @ Midwest Automation- South Minneapolis MN

Participate in all aspects of the development of new products as well as product upgrades and enhancements from concept through layout, detailing prototype development and release to manufacturing. Interface with internal and external fabrication vendors and consultants.

Position Qualifications:

Minimum Education: BSME
Preferred Education: B.A.
Minimum Experience: Five years of related experience(Machinery related experience preferred)
Preferred Experience: Custom process machine design experience
Special Qualifications: Inventor or Solidworks, 3-D Modeling mandatory

Position Accountabilities:

Analyzes product or equipment specifications and performance requirements to create designs which can be produced by existing manufacturing or processing facilities and methods.

Analyzes engineering sketches, specifications and related data and drawings to determine design factors such as size, shape and arrangements of parts.

Sketches rough layout of machine and computes angles, weights, surface areas, dimensions, radii, clearances, tolerances, leverages and location of holes.

Determines feasibility of designing new equipment or modifying existing designs considering costs, time, limitations, company planning and other technical and economic factors.

Work closely with manufacturing to ensure a smooth transition from design to the finished product.

Provides technical information concerning manufacturing or processing techniques, materials, properties and process advantages and limitations which affect long range plant and product engineering planning.

Confers with sales personnel to clarify or resolve design issues. Oversees the preparation of product or system layout and detailed drawings and schematics.

Compiles and analyzes operational test and research data to establish performance standards for newly designed or modified equipment or product.

Computes magnitude, direction and point of application of tension, compression and bending forces, and develops geometric shape of machine parts to accommodate operating loads.

Generate models and detail drawings as necessary.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

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