Our 2300 Series Wide Belt Sander is built to perfection with these innovative product specifications:

  • 1-4 heads
  • Choice of drum or combination heads
  • Machine widths of 52", 43" or 37"
  • 75" or 103" abrasive belt length
  • 8" drum diameter
  • Bed opening up to 5" with 33"-38" passline
  • Up to 30 HP main drive motors
  • 2.5" platen
  • 5.5" diameter drum
  • Feed speed of 15-45 FPM
  • Available bottom head configuration


Widebelt Sanding & Calibrating
Panel Sanding
2300 Series

When it comes to tackling industrial sanding tasks, you need a machine that gets the job done right every time.

If you're looking for a durable and efficient tool to shape and finish wood products with ease, look no further than our 2300 Series stationary wide belt sanders. These dependable machines feature up to four heads, including a drum or combination head for added versatility.

With a 37"-52" machine width, up to 30 HP main drive motors and a 75"-100" abrasive belt, you can expect prolonged belt life and lasting service.


Benefits of Our Reliable Wide Belt Sanders

Our 2300 Series sanders are optimized to perform even the toughest industrial sanding tasks with accuracy and precision while promoting a longer lifespan than traditional sanders.

Timesavers wide belt sanders feature standard components that other manufacturers don't, so you never have to pay extra for necessary parts.

Wide belt sanders like our 2300 Series offer many functional benefits, such as:

  • Ease of use.
  • Fast-acting.
  • Tight tolerances.
  • Provides an exceptional finish.
  • Suitable for many materials and applications.
  • Durable and heavy-duty.


Applications of Industrial Wide Belt Sanders

Industrial wide belt sanders are equipped to take on countless applications across many industries. They are well-suited for furniture plants, millwork and manufacturing small to mid-sized cabinets, along with many additional tasks in the woodworking field.

When you purchase the 2300 Series wide belt sander, you'll be able to perform many woodworking jobs, including:

  • Wide belt sanding and calibrating.
  • Solid wood finishing and refining.
  • Excess adhesive removal.
  • Surface smoothing.


Order a Stationary Wide Belt Sander at Timesavers Today

If you need an industrial sanding tool that sets the standard for quality and durability, Timesavers has the reliable wide belt sanders you've been looking for. For over 70 years, we've supplied our customers with the best wide belt abrasive finishing machines on the market while providing unbeatable customer service and support.

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