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Timesavers’ and Dubois’ new MS series of moulding sanders were engineered and designed with cabinet and furniture plants in mind. Available in 2 to 7 head configurations, this economic sanding/denibbing machine is capable of handling mouldings as short as 17″, and from 1/8″ to 12″ wide. Every head on the MS Series Moulding Sander is adjustable to match any profile, with an optional HMI/PLC control available.

Solution: Wood. Tags: Brush Sanding, Veneer and Lacquer Sanding.
  • Number of heads: 2-7
  • Head type: Abrasive strip, Nylon, Wire brush
  • Widths: 12”
  • ¾ – 3 HP main motor
  • 0-6” machine opening
  • 40-100 fpm throughput
  • Roller & conveyor fed
  • Grooved or segmented holddowns
  • Go-To device
With an optional set of sealer sanding loadings, this machine can change from a white wood sander into a sealer sander in just a few minutes. Tired of hand sanding mouldings to ensure a color match to the rest of your products? You can count on our MS series of machines to get the job done. Fast, simple, and easy to operate. The MS series can also be set up for antiquing wood grain.