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The Randbright RB 60 allows you to be more efficient while increasing safety and product quality. With our vast configuration options and world-class support teams, the RB 60 can easily adapt to any of your industry or product requirements.

Cylindrical Finishing & Polishing Machine

Cylindrical polishing during the manufacturing process is critical for effectively preparing your pipe parts for optimized performance. Polishing systems serve as a surface modification, creating a smoother and brighter finish for the pipe while helping ensure it works properly on the job. Cylindrical polishing machines can complete this job in a fraction of the time your workers would need to complete it by hand.

Randbright offers a range of trusted solutions to help you be more efficient while enhancing safety and product quality. Explore the equipment offerings available to meet your requirements.

Key Features

Every operation is unique, and you need precise polishing system solutions to match your applications. To help support your requirements, we’ll analyze your business to identify what you need for the job and customize user-friendly machinery for you.

With high-performance cylindrical polishing machines, you can save time and have a higher operational capacity. The robust Randbright RB 60 machine from Randbright delivers optimized capabilities with features such as:

  • 5 HP motor
  • Range of available configurations, including a belt head, buff head or brush head.
  • 18-inch length by 7.25-inch diameter electronic drum control with variable speed feed.
  • 6 inch maximum part diameter.

Our team at Timesavers brings extensive industry expertise and trusted product support to help you make the best decisions for your operations.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Cylindrical Polishing Equipment

Using pipe polishing solutions from Randbright can help ensure you’re getting robust performance for every job. With these surface finishing machines, you gain various benefits for your operations, such as:

  • Faster output: With our pipe polishing machine, you can finish polishing jobs quicker and significantly reduce operational times.
  • Versatile applications: You can use our heavy-duty, high-performance cylindrical polishing equipment for a range of pipe polishing needs across your operations.
  • Maximized uptime: Built to handle the job 24/7, our equipment offers uncompromising solutions to reduce downtime and give you maximum uptime at the job site.

Choose Randbright for Trusted Finishing Equipment

Randbright equipment offers a reliable solution for your operations, whatever your cylindrical polishing system requirements.

For over 70 years, Timesavers has been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ongoing support, so our clients receive the best possible solutions. We bring a range of product options and long-term experience to help you get the right equipment for the job. Each piece of machinery we provide is built for maximizing efficiency and output quality, so you get the most value from your investment.

To learn more about our Randbright equipment offerings, you can request a quote today.

  • Motor size: 5 HP
  • Spindle diameter: 1.25”
  • Feed drum: 18” long by 7.25” diameter
  • Abrasive belt/brush: 4” wide by 12” diameter
  • Maximum part diameter: 6”


Pipe polishing solutions are an integral part of various manufacturing industries. These machines help reduce operations to a fraction of the time required for manual polishing.

When you choose a Randbright pipe polishing machine, you can use it for multiple operational needs, such as:

  • Manufacturing sanitary equipment, including sanitary heat exchangers.
  • Polishing outside a pipe’s diameter.
  • Finishing structural and decorative applications.

Our equipment solutions can work with multiple pipe types, from round to rectangular, to provide a smooth polish for your products.

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