Our Wood Solutions


Timesavers is your source for advanced woodworking sanding machines that can make your shop more productive, efficient and profitable. We design and manufacture an advanced line of woodworking equipment that does the hard labor for you in much less time. Our wood shaping equipment helps you exert better control over almost every production stage, from initial stock removal to sanding.

We have over 70 years of experience developing new woodworking sanding machines and perfecting the equipment we already produce. We work with commercial woodshops of all shapes and sizes to install new product solutions that accommodate any specifications and budget requirements. Whether modified equipment or a custom solution delivers more advantages for your business, you can count on our team to create something that meets your needs.

Our product line includes quality and cost-effective machinery, including:


  • Orbital sanders
  • Wide belt sanders
  • Segmented polishers
  • Planer sanders
  • Self-centering planers


Unmatched Quality, Performance and Reliability


With Timesavers equipment on your shop floor, you can rely on product quality and consistent results. Whether you manufacture cabinetry, millwork, furniture or other fine craft-wood products, we know your customers expect the best, and our products help you deliver on that promise.

We design all our solutions with your end products in mind. Each machine we manufacture features the most durable parts and components designed to last under the most demanding production conditions. We ensure you get the highest yield from your raw materials, the greatest value from your investment and the finest finish in the world.


Woodworking Sanding Machines Customized for Your Application


With over seven decades of experience working with woodshops, we know every project is different. Each product you produce requires a unique set of processes to create. When you need more than a one-size-fits-all solution, Timesavers can help. 

We can customize any of our industrial wood sanding machines or other equipment to match your specifications. This includes letting you determine the exact machine width, belt length, head configuration and contact drums.


Upgrade Your Shop With Wood Solutions From Timesavers


At Timesavers, we can help you modernize your shop with the latest advancements in cabinet door sanding machines and other quality products and provide ongoing support. We have a massive selection of replacement parts available for rapid shipment. We also have an experienced staff of factory-trained service technicians who can come to your business anywhere in North America to perform all your maintenance and repairs.

If you would like to know more about a particular sanding machine for sale, send us a message. We will help you determine which of our automatic sanding machines best matches your wood type, or we can start designing a customized solution. You can also tour our virtual product showroom — an online space you can use to get a closer look at our machines without leaving your home or office.


Heavy Stock Removal

Heavy stock removal machines are designed to remove the maximum amount of material in the least amount of time. These models are equipped with knife heads or steel drums.

Series Recommendations

Timesavers offers the following heavy stock removal solutions:

The YIELDSAVER: A compact knife planer that is capable of automatically centering each board as it is being processed, eliminating fixed cuts from thin boards and roller splits of material. Ideal for heavy stock removal projects that require high yields and the best grades.

The 3300 Series Knife Planer: A fully customizable machine that can be configured with up to four heads. Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide variety of heavy stock removal projects.

Panel Sample

Panel sanding is one of the most demanding and specialized forms of woodworking. This process requires the use of our heaviest machinery.

Series Recommendations

Timesavers manufactures a superb lineup of reliable and hardy panel sanders, including:

The 3300 Series Wide Belt: A customizable machine that can be outfitted with up to four heads. Its versatility makes it ideal for almost any panel sanding project.

The 5300 Series Wide Belt: An immensely heavy and powerful machine that can be outfitted with up to five heads for maximum versatility and performance. Ideal for the largest and most demanding panel sanding projects.

Cabinet Door

Sanding and calibrating machines are specifically designed to hold tight tolerances while providing an exceptional finish. These models use a combination of contact drums and platens to refine and improve wooden surfaces.

Series Recommendations

Timesavers offers a selection of widebelt sanding and calibrating machines for any form of woodworking project, including:

The SpeedSander: A versatile sanding machine that uses a combination drum and platen head to improve the finish on wood and mitigate hand labor. This model is designed for cabinetmakers, production shops and woodworkers, making it ideal for a wide variety of small to medium-sized woodworking projects.

The 2300 Series Wide Belt: An incredibly powerful machine that features a 75” or 103” abrasive belt for longer abrasive belt life, and can be configured with up to 4 heads for optimal versatility. Ideal for small to mid-sized cabinet, millwork and furniture plants.

Cabinet Door

Orbital sanders are powerful machines that are often used to remove the cross-grain scratches left behind by widebelt sanders, ensuring that they won’t show through when the piece is stained. They can be outfitted with a variety of heads (including combination, single pad orbital, twin pad orbital, and brush heads) to effectively sand different types of wooden materials.

Series Recommendations

Regardless of how demanding your woodworking projects are, Timesavers offers time-tested orbital sanding machines that are built to last and surpass your expectations, including:

The 2300 Series Orbital: This compact machine features a dual motion orbital head design with a unique “quick change” abrasive feature. Ideal for use in millwork, cabinet and furniture plants.

The 3300 Series Orbital: A strong and versatile sanding machine that can be configured with up to four heads. Ideal for use in millwork, cabinet and furniture plants.

Lacquered Wood

Sanding a piece of wood that has been coated in veneer or lacquer will go a long way in enhancing its aesthetic. However, it is incredibly challenging to evenly sand thin surfaces like these without completely sanding through. Veneer & lacquer sanding machines utilize a segmented platen to exert delicate and even pressure on the entire piece, ensuring an attractive finish.

Series Recommendations

We manufacture high-quality and customizable veneer and lacquer sanding machines, including:

The 2300 Series Polisher: This machine uses an innovative electronic segmented polishing platen to conform to the part surface in order to prevent sand-through of veneer or lacquered products. Ideal for small to mid-sized cabinet, millwork and furniture plants.

The 3300 Series Polisher: A strong and versatile sanding machine that can be configured with up to four heads. Ideal for use in millwork, cabinet and furniture plants.

Rotary Brush Sample

Brushes can be used in a variety of woodworking applications, including de-nibbing, breaking edges, scuff sanding, or ensuring an even color on cabinet doors.

Series Recommendations

Timesavers offers a selection of brush sanding machines to suit your needs, including:

The 2300 Series Rotary Brush: A powerful and compact machine that uses a simple, centralized control panel to ensure streamlined usage. Ideal for finish sanding and sealer sanding (or de-nibbling) three-dimensional pieces.

The 3300 Series Rotary Brush: A versatile workhorse designed to offer outstanding performance, strength and versatility. Can be customized with different features to suit a variety of brush sanding projects.

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If your application doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, there is still hope! Contact us to speak with someone who is experienced in our capabilities.