Thursday 12, 2020 Metal

Laser Oxide Skin Removal

Timesavers LLC is proud to introduce the 32 & 42 Series Rotary Brush machines into the North American market place. With the introduction of these units, Timesavers will produce a 5 part mini-series on different applications specific to these units. 

Oxide skin occurs on metal and stainless steel when laser cutting using oxygen, and it must be removed for subsequent coating processes or welding. 

With the ability to add Laser Oxide Brushes to both the 32 & 42 Series, Timesavers is the leading option for applications that require oxide skin removal, both from the surface, as well as the sides of parts. The 42 Series Rotary Brush machine provides the option of using of oxide removal brushes with another brush type allowing for oxide removal as well as edge rounding in one pass. This feature can be combined with multiple widebelt heads for durburring and finishing as well. 



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