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The Puma Series: The Future of Metal Deburring & Finishing

As the metalworking industry expands and evolves, the manufacturers of deburring and finishing applications constantly strive to innovate in their field, creating even more powerful and durable machines to meet the needs and expectations of customers. As a leading manufacturer of metalworking solutions for over 70 years, Timesavers works tirelessly to create low-maintenance, dependable machines that save metalworkers time, money and energy. This drive for improvement gave rise to the PUMA series, a line of peerless metal deburring and finishing machines that are engineered, designed and built for 24/7 operations. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the advantages of the PUMA series to help you determine whether these solutions are the right fit for your metalworking shop.

Removing the Holdups from Metal Finishing

One of the biggest challenges of metalworking is striking a balance between speed and quality. In many cases, metal finishing machines slow down production runs by taking too long to deliver an exceptional product, delaying downstream processes and inhibiting profitability. The PUMA series from Timesavers rectifies this dilemma with incredibly efficient machines that don’t delay production, ensuring that the final product gets out the door as quickly as possible. Moreover, PUMA deburring and finishing machines utilize heavy-duty designs that allow for simple, operator-friendly use, enabling continuous operations that maximize productivity and ROI.

Revolutionary Designs, Unrivaled Results

The secret behind the efficacy of PUMA machines lies in their customization and simple, efficient design. PUMA models leverage control panels with push-button controls, electronic abrasive belt tracking systems, integrated filter and coolant systems (with centralized lubrication points for each head), and large infeed loading areas to deliver fine finishes and grind or dimension metal parts with outstanding precision. Additionally, operators can easily access both sides of PUMA machines, allowing metalworkers to extend service intervals by spraying them down at the end of each shift.

Robust customization is another key facet of the PUMA series. These solutions can be equipped with up to four heads in any combination of brush and wide belt abrasive heads. PUMA machines also come in 37” and 52” widths for maximum flexibility. Thanks to the versatility of their designs, PUMA machines can handle almost any metal material imaginable, ranging from aluminum to titanium. Pair these benefits with the incredible durability of PUMA components, and it’s no surprise why metalworkers spanning the country rely on these deburring and finishing solutions when they need the highest level of quality and reliability.

Influencing the Future of Metalworking

The PUMA series sets a new standard in the world of metalworking by pairing superb performance with high production speeds. When combined, these advantages have the potential to expand shop floor possibilities by allowing operators to spend less time waiting for downstream processes to finish and more time on adding meaningful value to their shop through additional responsibilities. Additionally, because PUMA series machines make use of the finest finishing heads available, they significantly reduce the amount of wasted product due to surface blemishes without sacrificing the quality of finished metal parts. When utilized properly, PUMA models show great promise in refining and optimizing finishing and deburring runs in large and small metalworking shops alike, acting as comprehensive solutions that deliver maximal production efficiency, quality and profitability.

Note: Check out this article from FFJournal for more information on the PUMA series and how it’s transforming the metalworking industry.

Finding the Right PUMA for Your Metalworking Applications

At Timesavers, we don’t just pride ourselves in the quality of our products. As a manufacturer dedicated to your shop’s success, we deliver the best customer service in the industry to ensure that the machine you invest in meets and exceeds your expectations. If you’re interested in picking up or building a PUMA series machine for your metalworking shop, then be sure to visit this page. Here you’ll find more detailed specifications on our PUMA series solutions and a short form for contacting a Timesavers Solution Engineer. These seasoned professionals have an extensive understanding of metalworking and can offer any additional guidance or support you need to find the PUMA configuration that works best for your specific applications.

Contact Timesavers Today

If you would like to learn more about the PUMA series and how these machines can help your team optimize its metalworking operations, then be sure to call or message Timesavers. Our Solutions Engineers will work with you every step of the way to find a metal deburring and finishing machine that aligns flawlessly with your production goals. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions about our industry-leading metal finishing machines or metal deburring in general. As always, we’re happy to help with anything you need.

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