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The 22 Series EdgeMaster can be configured for metal finishing or deburring at a competitive price. This versatile group of machines is available in 1 width with configurations of 2-3 heads. By combining an abrasive belt and a top brush, products can be deburred, rounded, and finished in one pass. The machine is engineered for deburring laser cut metal and edge rounding of sides, with low user costs. These models have four rotating discs for removing a secondary burr while providing superior edge rounding of your parts. Using industry-leading technology this dry machine is suitable for all production environments, making it a versatile solution for industries such as aerospace, automotive, military/defense, medical device, agriculture and more.

22 Series EdgeMaster

  • Number of heads 2-3
    • Head configurations: Drum/Top Brush or Drum/Top Brush/Drum
  • Available in multiple configurations depending on customer application
  • Machine widths of 37″
  • Electronic photo-eye abrasive belt tracking
  • Dust extraction available
  • Minikol Go-To bed position device
  • 2-20 fpm feed speed
  • 20, HP main motors for drums, 5 HP brush motor
  • 0-5″ machine opening
  • 2×3″ minimum part length
  • 6″ contact drums
  • 10″ top brush head diameter
  • Oscillating top brush heads
  • High production capacity with increased ROI and reduced operating costs
  • Increased throughput with the ability to run multiple shifts
  • Deburring, edge rounding, and surface finishing in one pass using multiple heads
  • Electronic photo tracking eyes for accurate abrasive belt tracking
  • Ability to customize configurations based on customer applications
  • Removal of vertical burrs from stamped, punched, laser, plasma, and water-jet cut parts
  • Dry operation
  • Small footprint

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