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The 31 Series wet metal processing machine is engineered and designed to your exact needs. The 31 Series is the most versatile machine that Timesavers offers. This heavy-duty machine can be run up to 2 shifts per day.

Solution: Metal. Tags: Deburring, Edge Breaking, Finishing.
  • Number of heads: 1-4
  • Machine widths: 19″ & 37″
  • 60″ abrasive belt
  • Head types: Widebelt & Brush
  • Multiple configurations available based on customer applications
  • 15-45 fpm throughput
  • Air knife dryer
  • Self-contained filtration unit located beneath the machine to minimize its footprint
  • Electronic photo tracking eyes for accurate abrasive belt tracking
  • Up to 20 HP main motors
The 31 Series (LYNX) is a complete machine with an integrated filtration system to keep metal parts cool during machining, and adding lubricity ensuring the abrasive belt's service life is extended. A high-pressure air system dries the metal parts as they are exiting the machine.
  • Removal of burrs on laser, water-jet, punched, and cut metal parts.
  • Provide the finest finish in the industry
  • Deburr, edge break, & finishing of metal in one pass
  • Mixing of metals, including titanium, aluminum, carbon & stainless steel, copper, etc.