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Timesavers slag grinders are designed for heavy dross removal created by plasma tables. The slag grinder is offered in different duty cycles. The 12 Series SG is available for a 1 shift operation while the 22 Series is more heavy-duty and would be used in a 1-2 shift operation. The 42 Series with a Hammerhead would be used in a 3 shift, 24/7 operation.

Solution: Metal. Tags: Deburring, Edge Breaking, Heavy Slag Removal.
  • Number of heads: 1-4
  • Head types: hammerhead, drum, rotary brush
  • Multiple configurations available based on customer applications
  • Up to 20 HP Main drive motors
  • 1-45 fpm throughput
  • Electronic photo tracking eyes for accurate abrasive belt tracking
  • 0-5″ opening
  • Optional magnetic conveyor bed segment
Slag grinders can be offered in different head configurations including the hammerhead, and high durometer drums designed to knock off slag. The hammerhead consists of replaceable flexible pins to remove the slag/dross, replacing the hand-labor of scraping, grinding, or hammering the dross off manually.
  • Great for labor savings
  • Reduces dust inhalation and carpal tunnel in employees
  • Different configurations depending on the user's needs
  • Dry operation