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Built upon the legacy and success of the 41 Series PUMA, the NEW Timesavers 41 Series Trident is a true workhorse; designed, engineered and built in the USA for 24/7 operation.┬áThe Trident is a 52″ width machine available from one to two heads with a combination of wide belt abrasive and barrel brush type heads. As a wet machine, the Trident system is suitable for running mixed materials without having to change the abrasive media and completely clean out the whole machine – 100% Made in the USA.

  • Number of heads: 1-2
  • Head types: Drum, Brush
  • Multiple configurations available based on customer applications
  • 75″ sanding belt length
  • 10″ minimum part length
  • Up to 30 HP main motors
  • 8″ diameter barrel brush
  • 0-6″ opening
  • 38″ Fixed Passline

The 41 Series Trident is the premiere wet deburring solution with its Siemens HMI PLC Interface, featuring a range of advanced capabilities, such as recipe storage, auto-start and stop and data on abrasive belt wear. The Trident is ideal for industries where anti-contamination and the appearance of parts are crucial, including, but not limited to, medical device, automotive, military/defense, large machinery manufacturing, job shops, food manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace and appliance manufacturing.

Operators have the ability to mix materials with varying heat sensitivities, reducing the risk of flammable parts and enhancing overall safety. This machine does not require dust collection, has a small footprint and includes and auto return cycle for additional finishing. The plexiglass door on the 41 Series Trident allows for safer operation by providing visibility to the machine, as it is running, without having to open the door.

The Timesavers 41 Series Trident is a premiere and complete machine with an integrated filtration system to keep metal parts cool during machining, and adding lubricity ensuring the abrasive belt’s service life is extended. A high-pressure air system dries the metal parts as they are exiting the machine.

  • Removal of burrs on laser, water-jet, punched, and cut metal parts
  • Provide the finest finish in the industry
  • Deburr, edge break, & finishing of metal in one pass
  • Mixing of metals, including titanium, aluminum, carbon & stainless steel, copper, etc.

100% Made in the USA.

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