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The 11 Series operates wet and has an integrated product dryer and paper belt filter. This machine is easy to operate, and after a few minutes of training, a perfectly finished part can be produced. The 11 Series is delivered with a 9″ wide conveyor belt.

  • 1-2 Heads
  • Available configurations: Drum, Drum – Drum
  • 5 HP main motor
  • 60″ abrasive belt length
  • manual abrasive belt tracking
  • 0-3″ belt opening
  • 10-30 fpm feed speed
  • 3.5″ contact drum
  • Built-in coolant filter and recirculation pump
  • Air knife dryer
  • Minimum part length of 5″

Applications include:

  • Removal of vertical burrs from laser, die, and water-jet cut parts
  • Removal of burr & finishing in one pass on multi-head configurations
  • Mixing of metals, including titanium, aluminum, carbon & stainless steel, copper, etc.

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