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The 12 Series dry deburring machine has been the standard in the metal industry for more than forty years. Thousands of these economically attractive deburring machines are being used worldwide for the deburring and finishing of small parts.

  • Multiple configurations available based on application
  • 0-5″ opening
  • Automatic abrasive belt tracking
  • Up to 15 HP main motor drive
  • Dust collection available
  • Feed speed 10-45 fpm
  • Minimum part length 8″
  • 4.5-6″ contact drum
  • Removal of vertical burrs from laser, die, and water-jet cut parts
  • Rough grinding of heavy-duty burrs and finishing in one pass on multi-head configurations
  • The option of edge breaking/surface conditioning brush
  • 1 shift operation, 4-8 hour duty cycle
  • Dry operation machine
  • Optimum ease of use

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